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Using promotional products in your marketing mix is an inexpensive way to achieve many of your marketing and branding objectives. Statistics prove that promo products are an excellent investment.

Just one item can deliver a message for a far longer time period than other forms of advertising. You can reinforce your brand or a call to action for an average of seven months, and even longer on some products such as calendars and outerwear. 

There are tens of thousands of product options in all price ranges. Trying to find the “right” promo product on your own can be a challenging task. There are so many online sites, how do you know which ones are credible?

Besides, most online companies don’t offer marketing consultation to share ideas, help you develop a creative campaign, or suggest ways to achieve your objectives. We do! And, we always check for specials and closeouts first before researching regularly-priced products.

We’re here to help you through the maze of options. We’ll give you amazing customer service and search for ideas and products so you don’t have to.


As print brokers, we work with trade printers across the USA. We shop around for the best pricing for your print needs before we give you a quote. We’ll pass on our savings to you and deliver top-notch offset and digital products to your door or manage your direct mail campaigns.

Our prices are typically less costly than local commercial printers. Plus, with our knowledge of marketing and print media, we’ll help you save by advising you on paper stock, size, and finishing options. Try doing that with online printing sites!

If we don’t think we can meet your printing needs affordably, we’ll tell you. Why waste your time and ours? We’ll give you amazing customer service because we want to be your go-to printing experts.

We choose to remain smaller so we can give you reliable, top-notch service!