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At Solutions Marketing & Consulting, we’re very solutions-oriented.
(That’s why we chose the name!)

We believe there are many ways you can achieve your objectives. That’s why we don’t use formulaic solutions for everyone. After all, your business or nonprofit organization is unique. What works for others may not be ideal for yours.

We have experience working with both small and larger budgets and will never push you into spending more than you can afford. In fact, for larger projects and strategy, we’ll often recommend a multi-phased approach. That way, you can implement tactics in stages as your revenue or budget increases.

For smaller projects, we’ll give you options within your existing budget. If we can’t assist you, we’ll let you know right away without stringing you along.

Our goal is to determine the best-fitting solutions to POWER UP YOUR BRAND.  


There’s so much involved in operating a business today, especially for small and medium companies (SMBs) that are trying to differentiate themselves from the “big guys.” Without a big-time budget, how can your smaller business create or improve its brand to successfully acquire new customers and retain the ones it already has?


We have the experience and smarts to help your company define and reach its marketing and branding objectives. Why do the same things repeatedly without producing the results you want?

The economy and market demands will certainly fluctuate. You need a solid marketing and branding strategy in place to achieve sustainability and growth.

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We realize how challenging it can be in the nonprofit sector. Demand for programs and services seem to increase every year, yet funding sources are an ongoing struggle. 

So many charities and associations are doing great work, but as many have told us, “We’re the best kept secret in town.” Without a big-time budget, how can your organization create or improve its brand to successfully acquire new donors, volunteers, or members and retain the ones it already has?


No matter your nonprofit’s size or location, we have the experience and know-how to help it define and reach its marketing and branding objectives. We’ll help you eliminate the “But, we’ve always done it that way,” approach.

Fundraising and membership revenue will fluctuate. A solid marketing and branding strategy can help your organization achieve sustainability and grow its programs and services. 

Check out our Services and Portfolio, and what others have said about us. Then, give us a shout to discuss your needs. 


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We offer a variety of pricing options to suit your needs and budget. We’re in business to help your company or nonprofit power up its brand for success. No bull, no outlandish advertising agency prices – just straight talk and results.


When you feel stuck, or just want some of your questions answered without a long-term commitment, we can consult with you on an hourly basis by telephone, online, e-mail, or in person. 


Designed for clients who prefer ongoing marketing and branding consulting. We’ll customize a cost-effective monthly fee that works for you.


When you have a specific project in mind – one that has a defined beginning and end – we’ll provide a written estimate based on your needs and budget. Unless you change the project scope, we’ll never go over the top part of our estimate range … so you can sleep at night.

Examples: Content writing, graphic design, marketing/branding plan


As promotional product distributors, we offer options in all price ranges from a multitude of wholesalers. We always check for closeouts and sales first to get you the lowest possible prices before we research regular-priced merchandise.

We’ll give you amazing customer service and share creative marketing ideas to help you achieve your marketing and branding objectives. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll give you a quote.


As print brokers, we work with several trade printers across the USA. That means we can shop around for the best pricing on your print and direct mailing needs before giving you a quote.


Elaine Fogel offers presentations on a variety of marketing, branding, and customer experience topics for meetings, conferences, and in-house workshops. Click here for more details.

Ask us about solutions for your business or nonprofit organization!