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Nonprofit is a tax status


We realize how challenging it can be in the nonprofit sector. Demand for programs and services seems to increase every year, yet funding sources are an ongoing struggle. There are lackluster years and better years, but we’ve never heard any nonprofit professionals say they had plenty of money to fulfill their missions!

Just like the business sector, your nonprofit can’t generate enough revenue without promoting its cause or mission. So many charities and associations are doing great work, but as many have told us, “We’re the best kept secret in town,” or, “We wish we could do more.”
Without a big-time budget, how can your organization create or improve its brand to successfully acquire new donors, volunteers, or members and retain the ones it already has?


Whether your organization is small and local, large and national, or anything in between, we have the experience and know-how to help your nonprofit define and reach its marketing and branding objectives. What’s the point in doing the same old things if they aren’t producing the results you want? Fundraising and membership dues will always fluctuate so you need a solid marketing and branding strategy in place to ride the ups and downs to sustainability and growth.

Company president and CMO, Elaine Fogel, has worked “inside” the sector professionally for many years. In addition, both she and her husband/business partner and company vice president, Allen Fogel, have served on boards of directors and committees, putting in thousands of volunteer hours. Let’s just say, they have a strong passion for the nonprofit sector.

We want to help your nonprofit build and sustain its brand so it can do more. Its mission is too important to accept the status quo. Let us partner with you on your next project or plan. We know a thing or two about doing things creatively, strategically, and affordably.

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